Dare to be different

When a company has the 'perfect' software system that meets all of its operational requirements and meets or exceeds the requirements of its customers and suppliers, it has the ability to significantly differentiate itself from competitors. To shake the industry tree so to speak.

Businesses of all sizes rely on software for their day to day running. However, many organisations lack the ability to do anything different with their systems due to commercial and institutional constraints.

Large well-established businesses can often struggle to evolve due to what we call the 'Three C's':

* Culture - this is an unwillingness or inability to change an engrained system.
* Collaboration - if one company within a collaboration or partnership changes their system, it can have a significant impact on other organisations.
* Compliance - there is often a need for information to be supplied to relevant authorities for legal purposes such as health and safety and contractual and financial obligations. This can be very restrictive when both parties' software needs to be compatible.

These often leave larger businesses with expensive, outdated systems that are only half-utilised. There's no shaking of trees going on here: it's more a case of barking up the wrong one.

On the other hand, small companies can be hampered by a lack of available funds to invest in new software. This can constrain them to generic, off-the-shelf options that aren't fit for purpose.

Medium-sized businesses have a huge opportunity here and are often in the perfect position to develop something really special. Not only do they have more resources than small businesses, they often possess the drive, vision and leadership to make it happen.

The goal for any medium-sized business is to continue building on its success. A well planned bespoke system that is built using today's technology will evolve as your company does and set you up well into the future.

So are you ready to start shaking the tree?