Five things to consider when planning a new software development project

Considering a new software development project?

Here are five things you need to think about in the fast-paced world of digital technology.

Local vs Offshore

If you decide to go with an offshore software developer, what does this mean for your data security and is your code escrowed* locally? If you’re halfway through a project and they disappear, what happens to all your details and information? What happens if things go wrong and you require urgent support? And, are there data sovereignty issues you need to consider?

Who’s in charge?

Are you, or someone in your business, across the basics of the technology yourself, or is it all in the hands of the outsourcing company? It is often said, in the software development game, that code is transferable, but know-how is not.

Due diligence

What’s the track record of the potential contractor?
Have you done due diligence on them? Have you talked to some of their customers?

Is the proposed technology up-to-date?

Things move very fast in the digital technology space. Are you making sure it’s not going to cause technological debt straight out of the box? Make sure you’re not using five-year-old technology.

Forward planning

Do you, as a company, have the management resources available to adequately steer the project? Or, are you expecting the contractor to look after all of that for you? What will happen if things go wrong, or over budget? How will that be managed?

Digital technology is changing constantly. With a bit of forward planning, thinking ahead and getting the best advice possible, you and your business can stay well ahead of the game.

*Deposited with a third party escrow agent

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