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Endometriosis New Zealand

When Endometriosis New Zealand found that its existing database system was not working efficiently, the organisation called in the experts – Global Office.

Having robust health and safety systems is a top priority for Endometriosis New Zealand, which has led the way in raising awareness of women’s health issues since it began in 1985.

As well as advocacy, the organisation offers a range of professional services designed to educate and support girls and women with endometriosis in New Zealand.

Maintaining the security of its members’ confidential information is of paramount importance. When it was found that the organisation’s existing database system was not working efficiently, Endometriosis New Zealand CEO Deborah Bush called in the experts – Global Office.

The Global Office solution was to develop a secure app that integrates with the organisation’s website and campaign monitor system for sending newsletters.

“Our first newsletter went out just before Christmas with Global Office and the amount of time it saved made the new system worthwhile,” Deborah says. “Previously we had to load the newsletters in bunches – maybe 10, 20 or 50 at a time – and now it’s just the press of a button.”

It has also been a relief for the organisation to have a tool that ensures safety of information.

“When members sign up to our database they can now add the information they want, so they have more control over the personal details they are sharing with us,” National Educator Emily Brick says. “It’s also a very secure app to use.”

Endometriosis New Zealand began as a support group in 1985 in Palmerston North. Deborah, who is a founding member, says no-one wanted to talk about endometriosis in those days. In fact, there is still some stigma attached to it, probably because of its association with menstruation and the painful symptoms associated with the condition.

“We provide services and programmes, largely involved with education, support and advocacy for change,” Deborah says.

Thirty two years after it began, Endometriosis New Zealand stands by its commitment to protect the private health information of all those who seek its services and support.

“Endometriosis NZ is a really small organisation but the things we do are really big and we are recognised globally for our innovation, education and professional services. As a charity with limited resource, it is imperative that we are efficient and that we are following best practice policies and procedures.”

“Global Office has helped us and enabled us to move with the times.”

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