New client portal solution impresses

Helio Trusts

When trust management specialists, Helio Trusts, needed help with simplifying their client portal, they called in local experts Global Office.

Their successful track record and the fact they were well respected in Canterbury made Global Office an easy choice, Helio Trusts General Manager Ryan McLaren says.

When Helio Trusts contacted Global Office, they were wanting to retrieve information from a  third party trust management software product into their own purpose built, personally branded client portal.  .

Desperately required was a simple interface to make it easy for clients and advisors to log in and access the trust information they needed  It has also helped Helio administer and manage risks for trustees from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

As project leader, Global Office worked with Helio and other suppliers to support the portal’s build and delivery, including a graphic designer, a third-party IT services company and a front-end designer.

The next step involved Global Office working with Helio Trusts’ database to ensure client information could be easily surfaced inside the new customer software.

“Thanks to Global Office, it was very straightforward – with any sort of project, there are always changes and their ability to adapt was impressive,” Ryan says.

Before the portal went live, some clients were invited to ‘dive in’ and test it out. “We received positive feedback, which was a great start.”

Throughout the project, Global Office took care to fully explain the process and to deliver exactly what had been promised.

“One of the things that really impressed me was that any problem we encountered, was dealt with extremely quickly and efficiently by a friendly and supportive team.”

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