What makes a software developer tick?

Software engineers are currently among the most sought after people in the world. Understanding what makes them tick is the key to engaging them for your business.

Every year, more people are employed to help advance the increasingly digitised world we live in. While this is fantastic for the growth of our industry, the demand for software engineers in this country and abroad makes it difficult for software companies to find developers.

This got us thinking about what makes software engineers tick. We thought that if we could figure out the common threads that run through them, we’d have a successful time engaging them to work with us.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been lucky enough to employ talented developers from different countries, nationalities and demographics. Some have been university-educated, while others have been self-taught. We’ve had quietly-spoken introverts and life-of-the- party extroverts. And while each developer has their own approach to solving a problem, they all believe that theirs is the best way.

This was highly apparent during a recent office debate about the best way to use a new piece of technology. Each person was pushing their idea – as any good developer would – yet it was not driven by ego. Rather, it was the passion for their work, which they each saw as akin to an art.

What we’ve realised through looking at the people working in our industry is that software engineering is as much about creativity as art, design, and music. It’s no surprise, then, that a remarkably high number of our engineers play a musical instrument – the ultimate mix of mathematics and creative expression.

Understanding this inherent creative streak has helped us employ talented staff that fit perfectly within our Global Office team. Appealing to and nurturing this artistic aspect of our engineers has allowed us to develop and implement industry-leading software to our customers, here and around the world.