Why do Hire Businesses Need Custom Built Software?

21 December 2020

Custom-built or off the shelf?

Many hire businesses are choosing to utilise custom-built software to take their business to the next level. So, how does custom-built software improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business compared to off the shelf solutions?
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Hire businesses are adopting technology faster than ever before. The hire industry, which has previously been synonymous with the slow uptake of technology, appears to be breaking away from the stigma that surrounds it by utilising technology to create new opportunities and streamline services. Companies that have been hesitant to adopt new technology have quickly realised that the rewards and opportunities heavily outweigh any costs and risks. A custom software solution differs from off the shelf hire software as it is tailored specifically to your business needs. Custom Software will allow you to improve accuracy and efficiency which in turn improves productivity, customer satisfaction, and your ability to scale your business. 

Global Office has worked on solutions for several hire based companies including Accessman, Commercial Hire Ltd, and Drummond & Etheridge to name a few.

You can read more about Accessman here.

Below are a few ways that replacing paper-based systems and spreadsheets with a custom software solution will improve your hire business. 


Build a Clearer Picture 

With goods constantly moving in and out it can be hard to build a clear and accurate picture of a hire business. Without a clear picture of what is currently going on it’s impossible to make predictions and implement smart decisions to drive success. It’s great to collect data about your business, it's even better when you can collect the right data, data that will provide valuable insights. Off the shelf hire software often misses the mark because it lacks specificity and can’t meet the individual needs of a hire business. 



Automation and smart integration with accounting systems such as Xero and MYOB reduce processing time for staff which increases productivity and leaves more time to focus on other aspects of the job. Your team can be confident in the accuracy of the information and perform their tasks faster and more efficiently/. 


Customer Satisfaction

The increasing pressure on all businesses to streamline services and improve efficiency is challenging, and the hire industry is no exception. Customers are demanding a higher level of service and if you can’t provide that your competitors will be more than happy to help your customers out. Ensuring your customers find the process simple and enjoyable is key to any successful hire business. That’s why maintaining strong relationships and the personal touch within your hire business are so important. However, contrary to belief utilising software won’t negatively impact your ability to spend time with customers. Instead, staff can spend more time with customers and less time on spreadsheets! 

The Bottom Line

Custom software is an investment for your business. If you are planning to grow or expand your hire business custom software can scale with you. Custom software will incorporate industry-specific features and have the flexibility to handle the dynamic nature of the rental/ hire industry.  We are experts in solving business problems using software solutions. This means a Global Office custom software solution will be tailored to your specific needs and have the ability to grow and adapt with your hire business ensuring you maintain a competitive advantage. At Global Office, we work through the best solution for you and your business so get in touch to have a chat about how we may be able to help.



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