Accessman Hits New Heights with Global Office

27 September 2017


Accessman started 20 years ago with just one scissor lift. Fast forward to 2017, and with more than 650 machines – from scissor lifts to cherry pickers – it is the largest specialist equipment hire company in the South Island.

By 2014, the company had outgrown the capabilities of its paper-based booking system. It reached out to Global Office to design an online system that would allow branches/franchises to access information specific to their location, with pricing and booking structures set by head office.

“The new system has increased our productivity, and is a lot more user friendly than what we had previously,” Accessman Group General Manager Lena Harrington says.

A major advantage of Accessman’s new way of working is the automated end-of-month rollover process and smart integration with its accounting systems. This automation has significantly reduced our end-of-month processing time, Lena says.

“Global Office has developed a system that integrates really well with both Xero and MYOB. Because we have many franchise holders, we needed something that would give the option of using both accounting software systems.”

Global Office also built a mobile app to push deliveries and pick-ups direct to Accessman’s drivers. The app incorporates GPS coordinates, ensuring each driver knows exactly where they are headed, and comes complete with appropriate documents, ready for signatures to be captured electronically.

Lena says working with Global Office has been easy from the beginning. “The Global Office team spent a huge amount of time getting to know Accessman, how we work and what we require. I think that time has really paid off, and we now have a very strong working relationship.”
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