Global Office Provides Support to Tech Company MOGO Labs

26 April 2017


Dave Snell, Managing Director of Christchurch-based tech company MOGO Labs, says it relies heavily on Global Office to help fill the gaps if their workload gets too much. “It‘s great to know we have the support of an experienced team.”

MOGO Labs, a Christchurch-based tech company, was set up in 2008 to deliver technology that Dave Snell, now the company’s Managing Director, had developed while working at a Christchurch Transport company.

Dave had set out to streamline the company’s transport and logistics, by funnelling details from its clients Enterprise Resource Planning system into loads for trucks. However, the spreadsheet quickly became cumbersome to use and was rewritten using an Access Database. This new system too became difficult to manage, prompting Dave to give Global Office a call.

 “We reached out to Global Office to help us re-write the system in .NET to make it more user-friendly, and to allow us to establish universal changes from a central location. We hadn’t done any web development in the past, so it was great to know we had the support of a very experienced team,” Dave says.

Global Office and MOGO Labs have since worked together on developing several tech solutions, including making MOGO Labs’ premiere logistics and transport system, GoFreight, mobile friendly.

“Even though we’ve now got our own developers on board, we still rely heavily on Global Office to fill the gaps for us. They’re really easy to work with, and are always there with advice to help us resolve any challenging issues.”
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