Partnership with Global Office Helps Tradietech Spark to Life

04 May 2017


Brent Cameron says Global office was the obvious choice to help bring Tradietech – a simple online job management system for tradespeople – from a dream to reality. “They really understood who we were and what we wanted out of the project."

Tradietech is a family-owned business run by passionate Cantabrian Brent Cameron. As a Director of Redpaths, one of the South Island’s leading suppliers of electrical products, Brent discovered that there was a real need for a simple online system that allowed tradespeople to invoice customers without becoming bogged down in paperwork.

“We constantly had enquiries from our tradespeople that they were spending too much time away from the tools. So, we went looking for a solution, and the idea of Tradietech was born,” Brent says.

After a year of pre-development, Brent met with several software developers to help take the Tradietech from a dream to reality. Brent says Global Office was the obvious choice. “They really understood who we were and what we wanted out of the project. We’re not software developers – we’re tradies – and Global Office was able to speak our language.”

Global Office worked with Brent to bring Tradietech to life, creating an online management system, incorporating pricing, quoting, invoicing, and job management that worked for both contractors and established firms. The brief required a desktop and mobile app that allowed for remote invoicing, real-time pricing, and compatibility with payroll systems.

“It was also important that the system was suitable for tradespeople who were not technically orientated. It needed to be simple and quick to use, and Global Office did just that,” Brent says.

Tradietech was initially developed for Redpaths, but quickly became a separate company to allow the software to be developed to its full potential. The system is now used by numerous trades, including electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators, builders and HVAC specialists.

Getting Tradietech off the ground required a large investment from the small family-run company and a lot of trust in Global Office. “We were financially a bit strapped, but Global Office was great in communicating clearly when we did and didn’t need to spend money. That allowed us to concentrate on getting the best out of the new system, and took away the worry about what we could and couldn’t afford to do.”

Global Office and Tradietech are now working on a couple of new projects together. “They’ve been very helpful in the early planning stages, and we’ve got very solid building blocks to work from. With Global Office we’ve found a company that we really trust, which has been great.”
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