Great Inventory Management Tool for Good Honest

26 May 2017

MOVE Logistics

Global Office has been working with MOVE Logistics to build a cutting-edge logistics system, capable of coordinating deliveries, working with external systems and providing proof of delivery.

MOVE Logistics is a leading New Zealand transport operator, responsible for making thousands of deliveries a day across the country.

Coordinating the logistics of a large transport company requires good people and smart systems – and MOVE has both.

Among the clever solutions that Global Office has created for MOVE is a smartphone app that tells truck drivers what to deliver, where to deliver it and in what order. It then allows customers to sign the phone when they receive the delivery. Drivers can also take photos of the delivered goods on their phone and send the data back to MOVE’s central system, where it is forwarded to clients.

Because MOVE also uses other transport contractors, the app is built to work smoothly with external systems.

MOVE Logistics IT Manager Dave Snell says the app has enabled the company to capture accurate data in areas such as locations and times. “Before, we were relying on drivers to write that down on timesheets and sometimes the information would get lost.” Now, drivers enter the details immediately before moving to another job.

Over the last 10 years, Global Office has provided MOVE with a range of solutions as the company has gone from strength to strength.

“The systems have streamlined processes and given us more business insight,” Dave says.

“Global Office have always been able to come up with solutions to our problems and they’ve been able to evolve with us over the 10 years we’ve been working together.”
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